Marie Claire Lim Moore

Global Executive, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker

Marie Claire Lim Moore is a Filipina-Canadian-American working mother and author of Amazon best sellers Don't Forget the Soap and Don't Forget the Parsley. After spending the early part of her childhood in Vancouver, Claire moved to New York City and attended the United Nations International School. She went on to study at Yale, climb the corporate ladder and travel around the world. Claire is passionate about promoting career-family balance for women through her talks as well as her writing.

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"Don’t read this in bed if you don’t want to wake the whole house with roaring laughter. Lim Moore strings together generations’ worth of vignettes from a pool of memories “more than her heart can hold”, each revealing surprising quirk and candor. Despite the laughs, though, it’s impossible to finish the book without being stirred. There’s a well-balanced offering of wisdom amid the wide-eyed wonder, an infectious insistence on the now.

Don’t Forget The Parsley urges the reader into a mindset of possibility—whether they’re a parent looking to be more visible, a bigshot reflecting on the highs and lows of a corporate path, or a wide-eyed yuppie weighing the risks of a startup leap.

But what shines brightest is how the author simply sounds like a human being you’d love to share lunch with. The litmus tests she scatters throughout the book are worth keeping in a little book to whip out when making crucial decisions. Parsley feels like a therapeutic gabfest with an older sister.

As a young professional working in development, I would’ve loved a more detailed rumination on the author’s journey in discovering her purpose without falling into the elitism of “doing what you love”. But all things considered, the book has the chops to resonate with many.

I suspect readers will pass this around, up generations to their parents and down to their kids, with no sweat. Filipinos the world over will feel they’ve met a cool distant cousin in Claire, the one who’ll finally write about the pains of tired small talk and being confronted about your weight gain by titas at family reunions.

If you have a family you love (or would like to learn to love even more), a parent looking for ways to raise a happier household, a Filipina or immigrant looking for a relatable and funny read, or just a human being who wants to make small, impactful changes on how fully you live each moment—run out and buy this book. Run, don’t walk."

- Miro Capili, former reporter at CNN Philippines 

"Marie Claire Lim Moore is a wonderful storyteller and she does it again in Don't Forget the Parsley. In this charming book, Ms. Moore describes what makes her who she is and how her family has influenced her life. I fell in love with her parents and learned a great deal from their outlook on life! A delightful and entertaining read!"

- Susie Orman Schnall, Huffington Post blogger and author of award-winning novels On Grace and The Balance Project


"Claire is a role model for how leading a life filled with positive attitude and habits can create unlimited happiness and success. Don't Forget the Parsley is a a metaphor we should all live by, to continue to see and add color to all the events of our lives."

 - Claudia Chan, CEO of SHE Globl Media and Entrepreneur contributor


"An inspiring and fun read about making the best of everything in life. Weaving in stories from her family's immigrant experience in North America and her own expat life in Asia, Claire shows us that the happiest people are often the most grateful and resourceful.Don't Forget the Parsley is a wonderful reminder that the right attitude, combined with an appreciation of one's own roots and values, is a winning formula in leading a successful and positive life."

- Christine Amour-Levar, Founding Partner of Women on a Mission and author of The Smart Girl's Handbook to Being Mummylicious


"A proper sequel to best-seller Don’t Forget the Soap, Don’t Forget the Parsley is another light read you can finish in one sitting — not because it’s a short memoir, but because you won’t be able to put it down until the last page. What I like about Claire’s writing is she welcomes you into parts of her life as if you’re talking to a close friend over coffee. If DTFS has her mother Lenore as focus, DFTP has more stories and reflections on the author’s father, brother, and husband, which make this book seem a bit more balanced. Which is pretty much the book’s central theme. Those who didn’t grow up with the immigrant experience might relate to more topics here (i.e. pulling a tooth the Filipino way) 

Young professionals and those inspired to make something out of their personal and work lives should read this. Her pieces of advice are laid-back, found throughout the book, and mostly from her personal experiences which you’ll find very amusing and helpful. Don’t Forget the Parsley is funny, and a great addition to any family library and gift wish list!" 

- Kristen Capili, Founder of Heart School


"DON'T FORGET THE PARSLEY is a delightful peek into the inspired life of Marie Claire Lim Moore. A gentle guide for those who want to have it all in their professional and family life.  Lim Moore reminds us that life-work balance doesn't always look perfect but can be satisfying and nourishing in all its missteps and triumphs. "

- Kellie Martin, former ER and Life Goes On actress and author of Madam: A Novel of New Orleans 


"A mosaic of joyful family living in a global context yet firmly rooted in Philippine traditions and values."

Maria Beebe, editor of DISRUPT. Filipina Women. Loud. Proud. Leading Without A Doubt